Seabeard Print

Late last year we took delivery of the phenomenal FormLabs Form-1 3D Printer . The Form-1 uses stereo lithography (that's LASERS) to achieve a very high definition print with laser-cured resin. The definition and quality of the resulting models is ideal for the creation of miniature figures, and for our inaugral print, we decided to bring the titular character of our upcoming game, Seabeard, into the real world.

Rob (Our 3D Artist) started off taking the low-res Seabeard statue game asset model from Maya.

Seabeard Maya Asset

He then took this into ZBrush, to flesh out the little guy and add the definition needed for such a high-resolution print:

ZBrush Screen

Next we took this into Preform, the software that controls the Form-1, that allows you set up print batches.

Preform screen

We used Formlabs' Clear Resin for the print, and after 11 hours of printing we had our first batch of Seabeard models ready to paint! As you can see from the 5p next to the model, the level of detail that the Form-1 is able to reproduce is really something.

Printed result

After the HandCircus Christmas lunch last year, we all settled in for an afternoon of miniature painting, revisiting our collective geeky childhood's painting the finest of Games Workshop's output with Citadel paints. The quality of the paint-job varied a little - turns out that the art team are a little better than programmers!

And below you can see the final result! This is Mikko's (HandCircus' Art Director) very own painted Seabeard.

Seabeard Painted