9/10, No 1 Top iPhone games – Edge Magazine

9/10, Editor’s Choice Award – “If you do not like Rolando 2, then you do not like videogames.” – IGN

A lot of people think Rolando is the best game on the iPhone. It’s so not. Rolando 2 trumps it in almost every regard – Kotaku

App of the Year, Adventure Game of the Year – App Advice App Awards

No 1 iPhone Game of 2009 – AppAdvice

Following on from the successes of the original Rolando, Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid sees our intrepid adventurers journey to a distant isle filled with action, traps and puzzles. With a huge amount of new characters, features, environments and challenges, and an all-new 3D look, this epic adventure provides an abundance of fun to iPhone players.

Rolando 2 was released in July 2009 for iPhone and iPod touch and is published by ngmoco.