This post is written by Mikko Walamies, Art Director at HandCircus

After finishing our PS3 game Okabu, we knew we wanted to revisit the game universe we had created. The strong visual look and style of Okabu was a good foundation to build on. For Seabeard, we set out to expand the game universe in all directions, to make it fuller, richer and more detailed.

With Seabeard, we explored a theme that is more nautical and seafaring. That shift between our previous game and this one was a big influence on the visual feel of the game and flows through everything from character outfits to building details.

In Okabu, we had two main character races, the Yorubo and the Doza. For Seabeard, we added a third race that is more human-like in appearance. The two main player characters are of this new race.

As a part of making the game environments feel alive, we created a vast library of characters, buildings, boats, furniture, animals and plants to fill out the world.

From pencil sketches to concept art and finally 3D models, our aim was to make the realm of Seabeard vibrant and charming - something for the player to fall in love with.

Seabeard is setting sail for the App Store soon